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Get involved in 2020 Vision now! Since last summer we have been engaging children and young people in commissioning and collaborating with artists to create new artwork by and for other young people. Now we have an exciting opportunity for all children and young people 5-17yrs to get involved in this project and create art for an exhibition when we re-open.


Create a video using your phone, tablet or webcam and send it to us! We will share the best videos on our social media and create a compilation of all submissions for a major exhibition in the gallery.

1. Videos could be from 5 seconds to 3 minutes long. To be included in the compilation they should be MP4, Quicktime, or MPEG-2 file types.
2. Content should be suitable for young audiences, so be exciting and engaging - but also appropriate (no swearing or violence please!).
3. Videos can be instruction tutorials for a creative project, a film of your best dance moves, a performance you've recorded, something beautiful you captured, a silly clip you created. You could also experiment with animations, puppet shows, and other effects!
4. You should make sure you have permission from your parents or carers to share your footage with us.
5. Your video should in some way connect to our themes (detailed below). 
6. Once complete you should send your video to us using this link
7. Please also include a word document including your full name, age, the title of your video, and a brief description. Your parents/ carers can include contact information in this document to receive updates on the project.

1. Our first theme is 'My Identity'. 
The theme could means lots of different things! Think about what makes you unique, your own ideas, and special talents.

2. Our second theme is 'My Future'. your hopes and dreams for your life, what you would like to achieve, or things you hope will be different or better next year, or in the next 10 years!

3. Our final theme is 'My Place'. Think about what it is you like about your bedroom, your home, your street. If you could redesign it what would it look like? Be imaginative!

These themes tie in to our work on 2020 Vision over the last 12 months, exploring what children and young people have told us important to them. However, the themes are for inspiration and your video can go in any direction you like!

Submit your videos for these themes by 12 June 2020.

If you have any questions email:
(Please only use the submission link above to submit videos).

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