Artist Commissions

Emma Blackburn

with local children and young people's groups

In 2019, artist Emma Blackburn was selected through the '2020 Vision' project by two of our out-of-school groups to work with them to explore the theme of 'identity'. Over the course of 12 sessions the groups explored experimental making and the spirit of punk activism including using recycled materials, collage, upcycling clothing and 'brave face' mask-making. Their objects and costumes were photographed to create a series of high-impact, humorous and powerful portraits of young people in our local area.


Paul Pickford

with Fred Longworth High School and Oakfield College

Learners from Fred Longworth and Oakfield selected illustrator and animator Paul Pickford to work with them to explore drawing and making comic book characters and stories that reflect their ideas about identity and their vision of the future. Whilst activity was interrupted due to the lockdown, Paul will be collating the artwork produced so far into a youth-designed magazine which will be shared across the borough. Later this term students in both schools will have the opportunity to work with Paul again through digital and blended classroom sessions. 


Sarah Atter

with local children and young people's groups

Sarah is a musician and educator, and was selected by two of our out-of-school groups to work with them to explore writing and music in connection to the young people's ideas and enthusiasm for their local area. Over lockdown Sarah has been working virtually with a small group of Young Creatives to create some imaginative songs, and record these as tracks with music videos. 













This term, Sarah worked with young participants from our Soapbox programme through socially distanced workshops to get to grips with creative writing, using maps to inspire poems about favourite places. 

They also created the US HERE NOW song, which is an invitation for people of all ages to join in with a virutal choir, and create an anthem of solidarity and positivity as we look ahead to 2021.


Kate Bufton

with St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Pupils in years 4-6 at St Josephs selected artist Kate Bufton to work with them on a project in school, using a range of media including drawing, collage and printmaking. The final outcomes from this project will be bold designs which explore the children's individual personalities and passions. 


Hannah Brown

with local children and young people's groups

Creative Club, our out-of-school group for visual artists aged 6-11yrs commissioned artist Hannah Brown to work with them on a project exploring how design can transform places and spaces. 

Before the global pandemic the group had made a start on exploring their ideas in two and three dimensions with Hannah's help.







During lockdown Hannah re-engaged Creative Club through a series of exciting art challenges exploring patterns. The outcomes have been collated into an online virtual gallery! The final project outcome will incorporate elements of all of these wonderful artworks in to a single design. 


Rebecca Atherton

with Leigh Central Primary School

Pupils at Leigh Central Primary School were engaged in afterschool workshops with artists Rebecca Atherton. The children worked on a mixed-media art project exploring the themes and ideas that were important to them, including their hobbies, interests and plans for the future. Rebecca Atherton carefully combined their art to create a series of collaborative high decorative pieces. 


Alan Birch

with local children and young people's groups

Printmaker Alan Birch was selected by the Young Creatives to work with them on an exciting '2020 Vision' project exploring the theme of 'the future' - young participants began initially by sharing their interest in climate change, and the project soon evolved and expanded to delve into new technologies, cityscapes and space exploration. Alan shared a range of printmaking techniques with the group including mono-printing, collagraph printing and etching. 


Sally Gilford

with Newbridge Learning Community

Screenprint artist Sally Gilford has been commissioned to work with Year 10 and 11 pupils at Newbridge Learning Community later this term. She will be working with them to develop large scale abstract designs, through experimental screen printing techniques. 

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