• The Turnpike Pottery

The Turnpike Pottery: Exhibition Planning and Painting

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Lindsey showed us the plans for the gallery space, including a corridor walkway construction on entrance to the space and a blue pyramid plinth which will incorporate the work made in Sally Hackett’s session with the Mexican tree of life. We talked about shelving options and the table banquet, and how to potentially hang up the aprons along the wall with artworks on plinths on a stage. Considering choices for the colour palette, Lindsey showed us colour swatches and everyone chose their favourites. We grouped the colours into threes and picked an ultimate favourite group. At this point, Lindsey was really intrigued by the choices, saying, "These aren't normally colours i would normally pick, but as this is a collaborative project, let’s go with it!” This marked a lovely moment of us all being in it together.

We discussed an artwork made by Lindsey which she showed us on her website - a fabric banner with the words “Express Yourself” written above a still life painting of objects on a table. We hung bed sheets up on the walls and worked on an activity where we had to make a mark and move on, considering words important to us. Anthony wrote ‘Anthony for Prime Minister’, a running theme in all of his creations during the project. This was a great exercise as everyone had to respond to each banner, the thinking behind it being that we were going to create a curtain installation. This idea came about when we visited the Tate Liverpool - we had been told off for touching some curtains that we hadn’t realised were an artwork, so we decided to make some of our own!

Words by Debbie Chan and Brit Seaton