• The Turnpike Pottery

The Grantchester Pottery: Mural Making

The Grantchester Pottery are a collective of artists who use a range of different materials to make art together, we were joined by Phil Root and Giles Round for the final week of workshops at The Turnpike. They shared with us how they have worked together to transform spaces through large installations. They often use mural making to do this, creating giant patterns or painted compositions on walls. It was great to see how they work, developing ideas and imagery from different places, and using everyday objects alongside images from art and design. Grantchester Pottery have joined with The Turnpike Pottery to create a mural for the exhibition space. We began by laying out some artwork and objects into a ‘still life’ display on a long table. This included some objects we had brought in from home. We then worked quickly doing drawings of these with white chalk on black paper, and stuck all of our drawings on the wall. As a group we selected which were our favourite drawings. Phil and Giles then worked some digital magic to transfer these images into projections, so that we could draw onto the walls. The first layer was based on a close-up of some of our flowery drawings, which we coloured with pale pastel paint. We had to wear our blue overalls as this was very messy, but a lot of fun to do - using old rags to create a splattery effect. The second layer was using our drawings of objects on traditional plinths - which we painted directly onto the wall with thick black paint. The final visual effect was really striking, and it was good to see how it all came together in the end.

Words by Hannah Gaunt