• Alisha Crook

Placement trainee Alisha reflects on her time at The Turnpike

Working at the Turnpike has been a very unique experience. I’ve had a lot of fun while learning a lot of new skills. Everyone here has been very friendly towards me. When I started I didn't know what I would expect. However, being here I can see how important this place is to people and how it brings them together. The Turnpike is for everyone and will accept everyone for who they are. I’ve completed many tasks while being here such as weeding the plants, researching information, learning about different properties of plants and many other tasks. I got to be around all age ranges, helping out and sometimes even joining in. Also I've learned about Leigh itself and how it's changed over the years. Whilst working here I got to meet other artists and their work. From this I'm hoping I can get inspiration for myself towards creating illustrations for a book I am writing. Since working here I now have a sense of routine. It is wonderful that I got accepted for this role because I get to revolve my day with art and beauty. Especially since I did art and design in college, it's given me a sense of comfort.