• The Turnpike Pottery

Meet the artist: Lindsey Mendick

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Today was an opportunity for a group of local young people to meet artist Lindsey Mendick for the first time and to tell them more about The Turnpike Pottery; essentially a collaborative project, where young people and contemporary artists (who work primarily with ceramics) will create artworks for a large-scale exhibition in September. The Turnpike director Helen Stalker spoke about the art organisation and took the young people into the gallery to see the large-scale paintings of Dave Pearson in the exhibition Return to Byzantium, before returning to the studio to see slides of Lindsey’s work, which included Viennetta ice-cream with stripy beetlejuice legs. The Turnpike Project aims to introduce young people to contemporary artists, develop their skills in ceramics and provide a nurturing, creative space where they can express their ideas.n 21st July, young participants in The Turnpike Pottery met with ARMA Commissioned artist Lindsey Mendick for the first time. Lindsey shared her ideas for The Turnpike Pottery project, and showed examples of her artwork.

The group then had the chance to decorate their aprons ready for the first clay workshop.

Words by Debbie Chan.