• The Turnpike Pottery

Lindsey Mendick: A feast of fun

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Today was our first session using clay. We all had a go at making our first clay objects - clay pots using the ‘coil’ technique. Some of the mugs were really big! Lead artist Lindsey Mendick talked to us about some of the themes and ideas that might be included in the final exhibition in September. A key piece in the show is a long banquet table of all our favourite foods, so we did some brainstorming about what different types of food we might include, then started modelling these in the clay. We learned about how to join clay together, and how to make objects that will be robust enough to survive the kiln-firing. We made pizza slices, chocolate bars, pies, burgers, chips, sandwiches, and even a plate of fruit! Some of us were keen to also make some plates and table ornaments so that the finished display looks like a proper feast. Lindsey will be working alongside us for all of the sessions this summer, and bringing in artists who make exciting work in clay to inspire our work.

Words by Hannah Gaunt.