Frances Disley + Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Photography by Livia Lazar



Since June 2019 Fallen Angels Dance  Theatre had been working with Liverpool-based visual artist Frances Disley to support and  enhance their weekly group sessions at The Turnpike, in which they support people in  recovery from addiction through the medium of dance.


Using colour, pattern, props and play, the artist co-choreographed new work with the group  and their leader Paul Bayes Kitcher, to create a sensory exploration of their lived  experiences. In March 2020, the evolving work took an interesting shift in its timeline when  Covid-19 restrictions meant that the dancers could no longer meet. The piece incorporates  the significant impact of lockdown on the dancers, who continued to share their experiences  and challenges digitally with Frances Disley, and each other, throughout this period. When  lockdown restrictions were temporarily eased in September the group re-convened at The  Turnpike, completing the work which had now adapted to social distancing measures,  restrictions on physical connection and the sharing of props.


“It’s a sculptural, painterly work where the dancers activate and shift the piece constantly via their  movement and interaction with the objects involved. Central to the work is a large painted  dancefloor, which was initially intended to act as a score for the performance, but has become a  document to how the work has evolved and adapted in response to circumstance and the needs of  the dancers.” - Frances Disley

The full version of the resulting performance, Epic Luxe is available to view HERE

Watch the behind the scenes video HERE