past exhibition


Photograph by Livia Lazar. Image courtesy the artist and The Turnpike

The Turnpike presents the first solo exhibition by Liam Fallon. Since graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2017, Fallon has created a series of bold and ambitious sculptures that explore themes of sexuality, monumentality and the blurred boundaries between public and private spaces. he uses industrial materials such as steel, Jesmonite, rubber and wood, and adopts factory processes taught to him by his father and grandmother including casting, welding and joinery.

The exhibition takes its title from a theory in particle physics called Supersymmetry; a hypothesis of symmetry in space and time which suggests that every type of particle can be paired with a perfect partner.

Adopting this scientific theory, Fallon proposes that we are never really alone and has created an exhibition that is about the search for a true companion. The exhibition charts both falling in love and suffering loss; occurrences that at once unfold in the public realm and remain intensely private. Fallon's sculptures reflect both the physical and psychological contrast between public and private space, and how both are arenas for life's encounters which include love, sex, fear and loneliness.


photos by Livia Lazar. Courtesy the artist and The Turnpike